Interior Protection


Textile Protection

Textile Protection modifies the surface of  textile or suede. so that when liquids come in contact with it they form  beads and simply roll off keeping the textile completely dry. This enables the fabric, suede and tissue surfaces to be resistant to water/dust and all other liquids without affecting the factory look and feel 

Leather Protection

Leather surfaces coated with Leather Protection  will stay cleaner for a longer time and become protected from dirt and  grime getting ingrained into them. The Leather coating also features a super  hydrophobic effect which enables any liquid spills to simply bead up on  the surface and be easily wiped off without affecting the leather. UV  Resistance of the coating will help to reduce aging of leather due to UV  damage and keep it soft while preserving the factory look and feel.                     

Plastic Protection

Plastic is a unique coating for  plastic and rubber surfaces suitable for both interior and exterior use.  Plastic and rubber surfaces coated with Plastic Protection will  feature a super hydrophobic effect with excellent wear resistance. The coating will add a moderate sheen to the  surface making it a great permanent finish for both exterior and  interior plastics no matter if they are new or need restoration.                     

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